People have been inundated by the sibling culture that it is proper for children to have siblings because siblings provide "such valuable life lessons" for children to learn. This sibling society has repeatedly inundated people to have two children or more because ONLY children are viewed as an anomaly who are"selfish, bratty, entitled, and spoiled". Also the sibling society maintained that only children are "lonely".

I am laughing at this now. As an only child, I am laughing because now there are studies which have validated my point about the negative effects of siblingship. Growing up with siblings increases negative and often pathological behaviors on the part of siblings because of increased competition for parental favor.

Siblings often play mindgames and other forms of gamemanship to see who is the better sibling in parental eyes. When there is more than one child in the same household, there is often animosity, jealousy, and rivalry. There is no such thing as equal parental love in multichild families. It is simply impossible- in multichild families, one child or another is favored while others are unfavored, ignored, or just left to their own devices.

In multichild families, there is frequently bickering and other forms of infighting among siblings. Thank God, I am an only child who has the undivided attention with my parents. Furthermore, I can always have access to discuss things with my parents. I am appreciated for the unique person that I am. When I learn stories about siblings, I shuddered and shout aloud that I am so GLAD that I DO NOT have any siblings. They are total hemorrhoids. Being an only child is SUCH A PLEASURE. I have a high sense of self because there were no interfering siblings to diminish my self worth. My advice: Keep your siblings for my life as as only child is a milnillion times better than you people with siblings. Now I know why you hate us only children- we have the life that you with siblings wish that you had.