I don't see much logic in the often expounded myth that men don't care for their health because of recklessness and boisterousness. The truth is, men are told from an early age that they are not to complain about physical or emotional pain. They also lack the lifestyle training women receive from an early age, acquired from magazines and so on, as well as the advice that is always at hand for them. What's more, people in general are extremely unsympathetic to poor physical or emotional health in a man, which is reflected in men's small allowance of sick days off at work (woman receive twice as many as men in the UK, discounting pregnancy leave, and so on). We can also remember the great number of men who die each decade all over the world as part of violent and devastating wars. Anyone who thinks this is insignificant should remember that soldiers tend to die at a young age, which will drag the average disproportionately, even if the numbers seem small. Men who die from violent assault or in dangerous work also die relatively young, which again skews the average. I would suggest to anyone who reads this to consider treating all people with the same degree of sympathy, regardless of their gender.