Blah, blah, blah, blah.... COMPLAINER of a MAN, aren't you?!

You've NO clue about women's health, nor what occurs in ob/gyn's. If you think women go to the doctor yearly, you're DEAD wrong!! If you think women go to the doctor yearly for their bc pills, then YES.. because no doctor will prescribe them otherwise.

A man can have a yearly preventative health screening, but maybe like women, it's only necessary if things are wrong to start with.

Testosterone??? LOL... it's only good for muscle strength in men, otherwise, the males are just overgrown boys.

Older and wiser.. because a person MATURES in knowing what's right/wrong, good/bad, etc. Nothing more, nothing less. Or are you saying that since women don't have hardly any testosterone at all and even prepuberty levels of estrogen after menopause, that women are totally far more wiser than any old man could ever be?!?! :)

Stop making up statistics...

Women don't need testosterone to make us feel good. We're good.. testosterone isn't anything useful for women, but totally harmful in any amounts. That is, if women even have any. I don't believe they truly do, but it's one way to increase sales of the crap (a woman doesn't need ANY for any biological reason.. it's all estrogen) if it's 'believed' that women need it.

Like females, males can be 'soft' or 'hard' psychologically despsite what the males testosterone levels are. It's all about how one is raised and believes.

You are correct, however, when it comes to women drinking, smoking, non-prescription drugs, etc, and dropping like flies
as a result. Because she's just followed after the stupidity of males; which has NOTHING to do with testosterone or lack of it. PROOF of stupidity doesn't have anything to do with testosterone levels: In males even if he has low t, still smokes, is careless, drinks like crazy, etc.

And for the record, it's males of all ages who wash less, not females. Disgusting no matter who doesn't!!