I followed your link to read the entire article and found it quite moving.

I thought you and others who enjoyed reading about this topic might enjoy the book "Grandmothers Councel the World," which is about a group of 13 indidigenous Grandmothers who have come together to in "an alliance of prayer, education, and healing." Many of these Grandmothers are practitioners of their culture's traditional medicine which sometimes includes the use of psychedelic plants in healing. As you explained, humans have been studying the use of these substances for healing for a very long time. Many of these women have inherited this tradition and seem passionate about rediscovering, conserving and sharing this with others. For more information you can look at the web page http://www.grandmotherscouncil.org/

I haven't made any significant effort to help this cause yet, but finding your article is another reminder that this topic feels particularly important to me at this time. Thank you for the reminder.