orward by the distinguished Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.-Author
Provocative and Enlightening Book Dissects the Human Consciousness
“The Far-Off Land” philosophically evaluates the hallucinogenic drug-experience and
intends to collect the perspectives of philosophy for better understanding of the human
consciousness, improve the cure to mental illness
– A credible resource classifies hallucinogens as psychoactive drugs
that could cause subjective changes in human perception, thought, emotion, and consciousness—inducing
experiences qualitatively different from those of ordinary consciousness. To gain a deeper understanding about
this perennially interesting subject, author Eugene Seaich attempts to dissect the human consciousness to
provoke and enlighten the readers’ mind in The Far-Off Land, a revealing book that presents a philosophical
evaluation of the hallucinogenic drug-experience.
This book is a cerebral piece of literature that attempts to discover the broader realities that lie behind
psychogenic phenomena and seek a pattern that will explain the longing of human being for the Beyond, for the
otherworldly substance of their intuition. Seaich will take readers on a trip through millennia, offer them
glimpses of the forthcoming and explore deeper his own psyche—and experiences with LSD and mescaline—in
order for them to discover a more profound and broader understanding of the mind and human consciousness.
Guided by a cardinal principle, Seaich captures the philosophical prospects and covers a great background of
other relevant fields of study that promote psychotropic knowledge to better understand human consciousness—
and to ultimately improve humanity’s cure to mental illness and even solve life’s mysteries.
Filled with tremendous meaning and insight, revelations and wisdom, historical facts and quotes from the
world’s greatest minds and literature, The Far-Off Land is an intelligent and poetic prose that will inform
readers about human consciousness and inspire them about life, including its complexities, a journey full of
realizations and value. Stanley Krippner, PH.D. Co-author DEMESTIFING SHAMANS AND THEIR WORLD

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An attempt at a philosophical evaluation of the hallucinogenic drug experience.
By PH.D. Eugene Seaich


Has performed lectures on LSD and psychedelics. And has writings in The University of Utah's pharmacological journal.

My name is Eric Hendrickson. Grandson of Eugene. And The far land was left to me when he died. I was destined to receive this book and its gives me great purpose that I get his work out there for the world to see.

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