Totally agree. It was 50 years ago when I went to YMCA all-boys camps every year into high school (back in the days when we mandatorily swam naked). Only one camp do I remember a problem. The director went haywire when we 9 year olds were running around naked playing batman with our towels as capes while we were waiting for the shower room to open up for the next cabin. His overreaction was on top of him being creepy. The physical punishment got worse as the week progressed. One boy ran away and the sheriff got involved. Got home and declared I never wanted to go back there. My parents got the message and I went back to the other YMCA camp after that. Found out later, that director was a homosexual and was routinely molesting boys as well as having hired some high school aged counselors in on the molesting.

Point: Since I was big & strong for my age, and more importantly confident with my own maleness, I wasn't his type. Dads, make sure your sons know they are young men with futures as men. Even if they aren't big and athletic, molesters likely won't go after boys who know what they are about.