> ...the percentages of young adults between the ages of 18 and 27

That's a pretty broad age range. From my memory of those ages I don't think 22-23 year-olds want to hang much with 18 year-olds, and 22-23 can seem really young when you're 27. So there are several sets of people and differing circumstances being mixed in together. And it's a really huge leap from there to the laughing-stock of the forty y.o. virgin.

Basically all this estimate can say is at least 8% pass the age at which high school graduation typically takes place (18) as virgins. I would have guessed the number was substantially higher, because almost everyone is awkward at that age. Anyway, since the study really has no age resolution, and since the percentage who are virgins can only go down with time, they can't even say that there are no virgins past age 20.

IOW, there are lots of different ways to distribute the percentage of virgins with age which are consistent with a total of 8% averaged over the entire age range. They can't say anything about the shape of that distribution, which is what's being attempted by talking about "trajectories".

I think they're trying to imply 8% of males pass age 27 as virgins, but there's no way you can draw that conclusion from this dataset. I hate it when people just make stuff up.

I don't have a problem with the general "lack of choice" idea, but it's not exactly news that women live in a rainforest of sexual opportunities, while men live in the desert. (Which is why women can't understand why men are always trying to give them more water...) One of our gravest social problems is that the really hot-looking women aren't willing to sleep with enough men (Maggie Gallagher), but that's a slightly different topic.