I know that my opinion and idea of this probably doesn't hold much ground in this discussion, but I feel the urge to ask why you included a percentage for such a broad age group but focused only on the unintentional male virgins. I'm at the tip of the age group and a female, but I I still find myself disappointed in this article as I was hoping to find more pertinant information.

Everything you've said (no offense) is pretty much common knowledge, at least when your putting things in terms of male perspective. It's cruel, but it's widely known that male virgins are picked on in high-school, not because of their virginity, but because teenagers love to find /something/ wrong with another person, and being a virgin can easily be twisted into meaning that said male is a loser and will die alone. It all falls back to popularity. It is also widely known that many women (even those with good hearts) want a good-looking partner.

I have a friend, one who was admitally not attractive in the least. I felt so bad for him because it wasn't his fault and I honestly thought he would be a 40-year-old vifgin. I've been surprised to find that he has gotten himself a girlfriend. She's not pretty by "average standards" but she's not a troll.

Now here's /my/ issue, the entire reason I was reading this article. Although I was extremely awkward up to age 15, I have found that I've recently hit the accepted standards of "sexy". Although I'm at the bottom of your age group (for men apparently), I still find myself wondering how all the girls around me have more sex than a soap opera and I've never even been directly approached about it before, nor would I know how to go about it even if I actively /wanted/ to. There are quite a few young women who find themselves in this position as well as many good-looking men.

I hate to sound too incredibly cruel/shallow/hateful, but if you're going to post an article on something as this, it would be better to include things that haven't been ingrained in some people for quite a while now just from going to a normal highschool. What about those who are "sexy enough" but just don't get any?