When I was a teenager, I was picked on quite a bit. I regret that I wasn't more sociable and I took things too seriously. As a result, I had zero friends. I had a crush on a girl in high school, but she wanted nothing to do with me. Even at that age, I rarely thought about sex--and even with my crush.

In my 20's, I developed a few friends, but my shyness in regards to females were still there. Still, I didn't think about sex as often as it seemed like most of my friends/co-workers were.

In my 30's, I was less introverted and managed to go on a few dates ( that lasted only just the one date with each one ) and I began to think about trying to start a family if I could find the right woman.

Now, I'm 43 yrs old, still single, and still a virgin. The last few yrs it has weighed heavily on my mind--both the idea of having someone to spend time with and start a family, and of course to lose my virginity. I'd hate to say it hasn't been depressing ( because it has ) which just makes me more lonely and seems to keep the vicious cycle going, of which I can't figure how to end...

I reside in Oregon and it's difficult to find someone around to provide me some help.

I didn't grow up in a religious upbringing and I'm not trying to stay a virgin by choice. I've thought about getting an escort, or prostitute but then you have STD's to worry about too.