I'm 60, and still a male virgin. I had 2-3 chances to have sex but I passed. The women just didn't arouse me. Being Catholic is also a huge barrier. My faith considers sex outside marriage to be a sinful action. I've got by on masturbation and porno for many years to satisfy my sexual desires. I grew up feeling inadequate as a child. It got worse in my teens. I entered adult life awkward, shy and with no social skills. I had nothing which ever attracted women--I was the classic skinny nerd guy with glasses. I did all I could to be more desirable and sociable. I had my first date at 35 and the last date at 46. Dating was a nightmare for me, and I tried online dating at age 58. Over 1400 people looked at me, no one ever contacted me. I gave up. After 40 if you're still a virgin, you better either pay for it or plan on being sexually isolated until you die. It's hard since I feel I really got cheated or left out. So many jerks and bums I've known had girlfriends, multiple marriages, etc. I couldn't even get laid. It amazes me how many decent women will partner up with losers. I spent my time building a career and I was heading to a million dollars net worth until colon cancer ended my career at 56. It's nice to have money, but if you're lonely and no longer able to be socially active, it's very frustrating.
I only wish my parents had been supportive and helpful when I was a teen. Girls never liked me much, and without the resources to pursue them I was in dating limbo until my early 30s. Your best dating years are 16-30. If you don't date or get laid in those years, you will lose out. You can't come back later and make up for it. I don't know how much longer I will live. I just feel lucky I made it this far. America has been really hard for men for 40 years now. Getting laid is tough for any average guy. Your competition is bad boys, alpha males, and guys with money. If you can't match that, you'll left behind. Listen to Tom Leykis--most women want money, power, or fame at all levels. They aren't looking for nice guys or Boy Scouts. Lots of nice guys are on dating sites like I was once hoping they'll find someone. It's delusional thinking, and a wasted of time. No one wants you after 50, and at 60 I'm truly invisible now.