Bob Metcalfe, thank you for your comments. I appreciate the kind words about my essays, I have tremendous respect for you, for the ways you look at the world, and I am comfortable disagreeing with you.
I completely understand your view, but I would not allow people uttering homophobic comments to remain in my home, and I will not allow homophobic comments or other kinds hate speech to remain on my blog. Please see essay I posted earlier today re the effects of a hostile work or learning environment.
I am sure that you know that I would NEVER delete a comment because it made gay people or their love visible! I did, after all, post an essay about homophobia and plan to address other matters of sex, gender, sexual orientation, and related matters in future ones.
Our world is still so full of homophobia that I don't think people would be likely to see it on my blog, were I to leave it there, and say, "Gee, I never knew some people still had such attitudes!"
The use of the term "political correctness" is, when not used admiringly and appreciatively, clearly intended to silence. I do not want my blog used to intimidate people who are gay, who care about people who are gay, who are trying to figure out how they feel about gays, who are trying to learn what the research about sexual orientation actually shows, or who think it is important to reduce hate speech (to be "politically correct").
As a Jew, I would not allow anti-Semitic statements to remain on my blog. First of all, there is plenty of anti-Semitism out there, so people can see and learn how vile it is without seeing it here. Secondly, I would rather keep this blog as free from hatred and intimidation and focused on truth-seeking and respect for various views and questions than use it as a billboard for hate speech so that people can learn that hate speech is still uttered.