I agree that this is taking up way too much of your time and mine.

I had suggested that we agree to disagree, whether about how to deal with hate speech or different styles of teaching, but you don't seem to see that you go way too far accusing of tyranny someone who is in most respects way over on your side.
You can give up on the idea of blogging for PT or elsewhere on the thin justification that one of your essays would soon be deleted, you guess. If you look at the range of stuff that has been left up there by the editors, you might be surprised. And if you notice, I have left some incredibly nasty messages free of redeeming content up there so that people can see some examples of how virulent and mindless are some of those with whom both you and I have to deal.

My hope is that you will use your considerable energy and intelligence from here on out against those who really are your enemies rather than on those whose approach to responding to hatred differs in only some respects from yours.

Perhaps if you listened to people whose loved ones killed themselves because of being exposed to homophobic venom, you would decide to focus (or at least have a shred of respect for those who focus) a little more on making the world safer for them in particular, rather than on defending total freedom of everything on the grounds that surely, in the long run, you will in your way be able to eradicate homophobia. I hope your approach succeeds, and there is room for various approaches in a struggle against this monster, as against all monsters. My approach is different.