There's no doubt about it, Amy Chua has been a very successful woman. She graduated from Harvard Law School and is a law professor at Yale. Not surprisingly, then, she points to her own success as proof that her Chinese parents' strict, even cruel methods of child-rearing HAD to have been right.

In her book, Professor Chua describes the fights she's had with her Jewish mother-in-law, who believes in more lenient methods of parenting. To Chua, it's OBVIOUS that her mother-in-law's methods are completely wrong.

Except... didn't Chua's mother-in-law ALSO raise a child who became a law professor at Yale??? A law professor who's so charming that Chua MARRIED him? Doesn't this suggest that her mother-in-law was, in fact, at LEAST as good a mother as Chua's own?

Amy Chua married Jed Rosenfeld, a man whose very existence PROVES that it isn't necessary to bully, demean, insult or humiliate your kids to get them to succeed! Jed Rosenfeld's mother got the same results are Amy Chua's mother WITHOUT being a witch in the process!

Shouldn't Professor Chua be pointing to her equally successful husband and moaning, "My parents treated me like garbage, and yet I'm NO MORE SUCCESSFUL than my husband, whose mother doted on him?"