Celebrities create a cocoon around themselves of "yes" people who dare not criticize the one who is the center of their universe. In most cases this inner circle is totally financially dependent on the celebrity. If a suggestion is made that they need help the person making the suggestion is simply removed. It takes one strong and loving person to break through the grip of this human shield. I have no specific examples to cite but they would be much less likely to appear in the headlines than the disasters, such as suicide by drugs of choice. I have seen stories of husbands crediting wives and vice-versa for saving their lives by being loving, supportive and most of all forceful in getting necessary help for them. Psychotherapy should be a required component in any rehab course. Rehab has come to mean anything from an "Oh, dear, you mustn't do that. Now run along." to a three month spa holiday. Without psychotherapy, any "treatment" is completely useless.