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My top three reactions to Anne's comment:

Notice how cocksure and confident Anne is -- her approach is so successful that anyone who suggests any other approach is suspect, dangerous. THIS in response to a case where the patient receiving the treatment Anne advocates has DIED. Now, THAT is confidence.

The writer is -- like so many of her ilk -- poorly informed. The best research indicates that the solid majority of recovered alcoholics in America reduce their drinking. Others who don't fully moderate nonetheless improve. (Anne, do the letters NESARC mean anything to you? How about NIAAA?)

This kind of aggressive, arrogant ignorance once dominated and controlled the alcoholism field (see my story of the life and death of Mary Pendery). As clearly evidenced by Anne, this Papal, the-world-is-flat attitude is still frequently apparent. However, it is (thankfully) less evident than formerly.

Keep it up Anne! You're the last of a dying breed.