Being told NOT to do something, of course, makes it tempting, taboo, desired, and a relapse will be all the more dangerous if it involves substance abuse. I can also see how it's plausible that an addict may not be able to use in moderation. I'm guessing that different solutions work for different people. I don't have the answer. What I have a problem with here, though, is the sarcastic tone Mr. Peele uses in his replies to Ms. Rettenberg. Stanton, I don't care if you know everything there is to know about addiction and recovery, but the caustic way you wrote to another professional in your field was off-putting. That sanctimonious attitude does nothing for your credibility. I anticipate this comment will only be received with derisiveness if not dismissed altogether, but there is much to be said for grace in conduct. To publicly scoff at others isn't flattering. I was interested in your articles, but having read this one and the comments, I won't be reading more, nor will I be buying your books.