I'd say Amy Winehouse is responsible for Amy Winehouse's death. It's rather egotistic of as psychologist (or whatever they are) to say they have been treating and researching (there's that word again) addiction for some 20-plus years and yet are no closer to a cure as they are with continuing with such palliative treatments as AA and expensive rehab centers that are covered by (most) insurance.

While that may sound cynical the true problem with AA is that it has gone from a avenue of hope to that of of being another business: endless books, addiction "specialist" who whore themselves on Oprah and trendy "celebrity" rock and movie stars who bring their entourage of press agents and camera crews to film their misery to satisfy their own weird screwed-up ego as if there fans really enjoy seeing them self-destruct this way.

Something in the message of treating addiction has become lost. No wonder Winehouse saw it and sung about it about being the farce it has turned itself into. As if addiction is only acceptable in society for those who are rich enough to afford being addicted as well as having the insurance to pay for the treatment. What gets ignored is that most of society that is addicted to some sort of substance whether it be drugs or alcohol lives in poverty, is undereducated and has no family structure.

Where are those such as that money grubbing Dr Drew and his bourgeois brand of racist socio-economic "treatment" for these people? Can't sell poverty-inspired addiction on television because no advertisers not too mention the public wants to see such lowly downtrodden people yet the behaviors and motives are the same for say, some failed rock musician or B movie actress. It's sad that addiction therapy has become another run-for-profit marketing scam as long as insurance continues to pay for such dysfunction and there are specialist out there who look good on camera.

Getting back to Winehouse and her choice to forgo help and return back to her lifestyle of handling her pain via chemically methods its hard to have any sympathy for her. It's sad and the world has suffered a loss that could have been prevented if society gets back to the original principles of AA (or the like) and those who claim to treat such behaviors stop parading themselves for their who profit and personal fame. Just wait, there are many a "addiction specialist" out there now writing their books on the subject in order to profit off her death. Look for them to be on the shelves by the end of August. Sad, indeed.