Once again demonstrates he is a mean spirited angry man, with an anti-AA obsession. Nasty to everyone with whom he disagrees. Often wrong but never in doubt. Driven tondisagree with everyone.
AA is a mutual help fellowship for alcoholics. Winehouse was an addict, as well as alcoholic.

AA helps many practice abstinence. It is unassailable that if alcoholicsbdo not drink, drinking will not kill them or others. If someone goes to AA and choosesnnot to follow it's recommendation of abstinence, it is just silly to blame AA for the results of drinking. And, we all know that many alcoholics cannot drink even one drink without horrible consequences.
Dr. Peele's hatred and disdain for AA is irrational, until one realizes that he makes money by convincing people to abandon the free support of AA and instead pay him lots of money to hear his theories that it's smart for alcoholics to drink in moderation. I daresay that alcoholics who try to drink moderately have lots more problems than those who abstain. Even read the FIX article he references: moderation works for those who are not "true alcoholics." Given the sense that alcoholism is progressive, perhaps the correct explanation is that some have not progressed so far that abstinence is necessary.
Peele is trying to create the impression that Winehouse and others die because AA believes in abstinence. That is just silly. If people choose to drink, supposedly because they rebel to others telling them they're better off that way, they are screwed up. The advicenisn't flawed, the people are. Some people are just stupid a**holes. Lots of them are addicts. Some are addiction experts.