Bottomline-- people go through hell but come back. The ONLY person to blame for her death is Amy Winehouse herself. She made the choice to drink, do drugs, get into nasty relationships and cope in unhealthy ways. Nobody can help anybody or take responsibility for another. As a society, its high time we stopped expecting others to be responsible for our lives. People go through plenty in their lives, but having a traumatic or painful life is NOT an excuse for addiction.

Its like going to the gym and expecting the instructors and equipment to make you thin and improve your health. Only intrinsic motivation works. You have to use the resources to help yourself. Rehab is not magic and neither is AA. They r only support systems and tools that one can choose to use or not. Why is that some people recover while others die? its not the system, its the individual. Nothing in this world is 100%.

She made a choice and no one can be blamed. She had a choice to not choose drugs/alcohol. Everyone goes through crap, but dosent go her route. lastly, there is no such thing as a "moderate alcoholic" the fact that they cant control their drinking makes them alcoholics. Giving them the freedom to drink moderately dosent work and thats why they are down this road.