My name is haley. I seem to have a problem with my brother and sort of fits the bill to the article. you see, its more over that my father and my brother fight a lot. its not as much about little things any more. He has turned 17 just two months ago and is an ADHD student at an alternative high school. I am a younger sibling at age 15 and have been having a hard time coping with long days with him. He seems to be very violent and yells at me often over the simplest of things. I know it is natural for him but i don't know if i can stand this any longer. he takes medication that is what i know but it does not seem to help with his violent anger. My parents never stop talking about him and ignore me constantly. to be honest i would not dare get in the middle of any of these fights or even try to talk with anyone of my family members about what has been going on. as you say in the article i have been rather ignored like a ghost for a long time. it's harder i guess even so because my father works really hard and is away a lot. i guess that is probably part of it but i just don't know any more. if you could please write back soon. i could really use some advice. i have tried talking to the councilors at my middle school but they don't really seem to get the right idea. they think it is just a phase but i could use some advice rather then them just saying one thing. "Its just a phase. He will get over it."
Please and thank you.
forever and always