I am a recent graduate--(Non-traditional student--52 year old Grandma) with BS Psychology and Substance Abuse Counseling starting graduate program MS Counseling/PsyD with Walden University World Campus. I am also a paid volunteer and work with at risk, out of school youth and will be doing various projects helping them to start over, becoming productive members in school and work place. I will be doing groups with the young adults--facilitating the groups, honing in on self-improvment, AODA issues, communication skills, etc. I can introduce these kids to Marsha Lineham's DBT, "mindfulness" under this scope of what I will be doing without being a licensed counselor correct? I would like to introduce them to the concepts because I know they would be so helpful but I want to make sure I am not crossing any legal or ethical lines. Thanks for any accurate feedback. I am in WI