As a True Crime author myself, I find this column terribly interesting, especially since my first book was about serial killers. After reading this, I feel some relief that I never mentioned the Macdonald triad in any of my books so I am not guilty of writing one of those "inaccurate books or websites" she mentions. However, in my line of work, the Macdonald triad certainly does come up in conversation. I appreciate this objective look at the fragile foundation of the triad's reputation and authority. I am always on the search for better ways both to evaluate and to present the reams of information that make up each criminal case.

The reason we write (and read) True Crime books in the first place is that there's a primal human need to understand why a murderer strikes out. Trying to identify the child who will develop into a killer is probably the most mysterious part of that question. This column lets us know we have a far way to go before we have any kind of reliable answer, if such an answer is really ever possible.