That same triad, I saw frequently with "system kids" when I worked for non-profits that treated foster care children. Sadly, many of the foster kids that showed these behaviors were raped by parents/relatives and often physically abused as well. Many of these kids were usually diagnosed R.A.D. and showed severe behavioral problems and viewed people as potential 'pain'. I'm sure some of these kids will go on to harm others, but I also doubt many would go on to become serial killers. That triad showed up very frequently with many of these abused kids, but clearly much more would be needed to try and categorize these kids as high risk for such criminal behavior. If that's the case, then huge populations of severely abused 'system kids' should be the ones becoming this type of person.

I think this belies the problem with trying to identify catchy 'triads' or other small clusters of behaviors as risk factors--often it is more complex than this. It's similar to a handful of common symptoms for medical doctors--the same symptoms potentially are on the list for thousands of different ailments.