I was glad to find your information about the MacDonald Triad. We had a professional speaker come to our school to address students, staff, and parents. Without giving his name, his websites and literature claim that he is "America’s Leading Authority on Juvenile Homicide and Juvenile Mass Murder." I cannot find any credentials for the man or his claim.

I was concerned during his presentation that he kept pointing out bedwetting as a sign of this type of violent, criminal teen. He referred to the three factors of the Triad, but never used the term "MacDonald Triad." As a teacher I know many children who have had problems with bedwetting. Most of them are normal, healthy children, who don't need the added pressure of parents or teachers looking at them as potentially violent, criminal, "damaged", or abnormal.

My concern continues that his man, with many public speaking engagements published on his website, is out there speaking as an "authority" (with no claimed credentials), spreading fear to concerned families and teachers. Thank you for your valuable information on this website. I will be sharing it with others at my school.