This article is just about the confrontation which I am currently facing. Everyone does have talents. But as we grow up, our school teach us "you are useless until you get good grades" or "successful life=getting a Degree and a decent job". We are bombarded by all these. It pains me, since I just finished school, and I'm still orientating myself-what to do with my life? How can i be successful? I know I have many talents, but I just have the feeling my talents won't make me "successful". I believe if I didn't study high school- if I didn't listen to all these "teachings" about success, I'd be better off today, which I can discover my talents without inhibitions...I'm afraid to do anything now, because "success" is more important the process and the pleasure I get from doing things, and this is what school taught me all these years. All these fears about "sucess" or not chain me. I'm suffering from great pains, and I recommend people unschool if they can choose. The result of school is horrible. Moreover, I'm interested in a career in music, which is something "weird" in the traditional school system.