I have seen this analysis of religion before, and I think it views things from the point of view of Christian Europe and America. It reminds me of an article that I read where religion tends to make males less expressive of their sexually selected traits(risk-taking, need for dominance, etc.). Is it religion, or is it the specific religion that we have? I think it is the religion that we have. Christianity is not the religion of the Overman, and especially the form of Christianity that we have now, though during the middle ages Christianity was a bit different. I remember reading once that the Franks saw Jesus as God's Berserker. Now we have the "Ned Flanders" type of Christianity, and this is sure to appeal to more effeminate people, whether they are men or women.

If I go back in time to the Baltic coasts, and get Vikings from Jomsborg, which were very pious towards Odin, I don't think that these people are religious through being risk averse, and I don't think that there religious sentiments attenuated their need for dominance and risk.

To conclude, the modern and bourgeois form of Christianity that we have is not characteristic of all religions.