My sympathies, if this is still an issue for you; severe chronic insomnia can be a really awful thing to live with - whether it's classic insomnia or consistently poor quality sleep that just isn't refreshing.
In case you haven't yet tried it, I've found mindfulness meditation (no cost; self-taught from library books) extremely helpful for managing it, and would definitely recommend giving it a trial, if you're interested in self-management and are prepared to give it a reasonable bit of time and effort.
For me, I couldn't say it works 100% of the time - nothing does - but on those occasions it doesn't, it still helps me cope with the after-effects the next day, so they're less overwhelming. (It also cured, within a few months, the severe chronic depression I'd had that was in part due to lack of sleep.)
It seems to work by training one to be able to discern and control the neurochemical 'switch' that seems to go on and then stay on all night; something to do with the amygdala I think. You can just feel it coming on and, using the mindfulness technique of paying attention to it with a particular sort of neutral attitude, which you learn how to adopt, you can dissolve it away and go back to a restful state that eventually allows sleep to come naturally.
For me it works better and more consistently than any other pharmaceutical or 'natural' remedies, with no undesirable side-effects and quite a few very desirable ones.
I do hope you find relief from your insomnia, whether by this or other means.