Hi Julie,
It's good to hear you finally found something that works for you.
I hadn't heard of B Vitamins being used to treat insomnia, in fact I found a B Complex supplement (admittedly not the same thing) really got me 'wired' and totally incapable of sleep especially if taken too late in the day.
I guess it all points to getting to the cause of one's individual issues. Most conventional doctors seem to work by statistics based on experimentation with various drugs, not by detailed analysis of individuals' health status to find out what's actually gone wrong. That takes far more time and specialised understanding of how the body and mind's whole ecology works, and the subtle changes to that balance that can cause so many kinds of sub-optimal function and eventually full-blown disease.
I'm sorry you were prescribed drugs that harmed you, and yes, it's shocking how drugs are handed out for every ailment with so little understanding of their long term side effects. Much like throwing chemicals at your garden for every issue that nature would sort out if we went to a little more trouble to try to understand what the 'symptoms' are telling us, and work with that - meanwhile the health of the environment as a whole deteriorates, to be kept going by application of even more chemicals.. much like older people today!