Carol A. Lambert, MSW

Carol A. Lambert, MSW, is a psychotherapist and domestic violence expert with three decades of clinical experience helping individuals and groups, and a career-long commitment to women’s psychological health. Since 1993, she developed a unique approach and cofounded the Recovery Groups for Women with Controlling Partners that bring together insights from mental health, trauma recovery, and domestic violence. At McLean Hospital, a psychiatric hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School, she provides domestic violence training and consultation. Over the years, her expertise took her from educating volunteers in a domestic violence program affiliated with local police to providing training and consultation to the National Football League. In all her endeavors, she brings critical attention to psychological abuse and the major losses to women’s mental and physical health. She’s currently in private clinical practice in Belmont and Concord, MA.

Author of

Mind Games

Carol A. Lambert, MSW is a psychotherapist and consultant in intimate partner abuse, and the author of, Women with Controlling Partners:  Taking Back your Life from a Manipulative or Abusive Partner (release date: December 1, 2016).

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