Jack Pemment MA, MS

Jack Pemment began studying neuroscience after taking quite a wayward path. He first went into business as an undergraduate at the University of Wales, Swansea, UK, but switched to the liberal arts after the first semester and received his BA in American Studies. From there, he immigrated to the USA to get an MA in Political Science at the University of Southern Mississippi. While researching his thesis, he became very interested in theories of culture, particularly memes and memetics. This started his love affair with how "brain food" can have an impact on human behavior. After graduating, he moved with his wife to Oxford, MS, to attend the University of Mississippi to get a master's degree in biology, with a focus in neuroscience.

While attending the University of Mississippi, he became fascinated with the neurological differences in the brains of psychopaths and criminals. Much of his time is now spent wondering what the behavioral implications of these differences could be, and examining the factors that could lead a person to commit acts of extreme violence. The clear biological differences and mental disorders in people who offend are fascinating, and can perhaps shed some light on how the afflicted develop a brain that is prone to inspiring criminal behavior.

His main interests include neurocriminology, personality disorders, how ideas can change the moral circuitry in our brains, and exploring whether or not the drive for knowledge can fit a model for addiction.

Author of

Blame the Amygdala

Jack Pemment is the author for Blame the Amygdala. He is currently researching the neurobiology of criminal behavior and aggression, and trying to share the high points of his research through relatively frequent blog posts. Jack welcomes contrasting viewpoints and encourages questions or comments.

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