Jeffrey Bernstein Ph.D.

Jeffrey Bernstein, Ph.D., is a nationally recognized parent coach.  As a licensed psychologist, he has over 30 years experience providing child, adolescent, couples, and family counseling. Dr. Bernstein conducts seminars and public speaking events on child/teen development, self-esteem, addictions, self-mutilation, ADHD, learning disabilities, discipline, difficult children, parenting issues, personal wellness, weight management, workplace challenges, and leadership development throughout the greater Philadelphia area. His work has been profiled in several media sources, including radio in several countries, twice on the The Today Show, Court TV as an expert advisor, and NBC National News. Bernstein also has been repeatedly quoted in Men’s Health and Cosmopolitan Magazines. His  first book is on couples' relationship issues, entitled, Why Can't You Read My Mind? (2004). Bernstein's second, and highly popular book is on the subject of defiant children and teens, and is entitled, 10 Days to a Less Defiant Child (2015). Bernstein’s third book is 10 Days to Less Distracted Child (2007). His fourth book is Liking the Child You Love (2009). Dr. Jeff also published that Letting Go of Anger therapeutic card deck for teens in 2017. His fifth and latest book is Mindfulness for Teen Worry.

Author of

Liking the Child You Love

How to build a better relationship with your kids—even when they're driving you crazy. Read now.