Joseph A. Shrand M.D.

Joseph Shrand, M.D., is an Instructor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, an Adjunct Faculty member on the medical staff of Boston Childrens Hospital, the Chief of Child and Adoescent Psychiatry of High Point Treatment Centers in Massachusetts, and the Medical Director of Castle (Clean and Sober Teens Living Empowered), an intervention unit for at-risk teens. He is also the founder and President of Drug Story Theater Inc, a 501c3. Dr. Shrand has served as Medical Director of the Child and Adolescent outpatient program at McLean Hospital, has run several inpatient psychiatric units, and is currently the Medical Director of the Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Unit for High Point Hospital in Middleboro, MA. He is also the Medical Director of Road to Responsibility, a community based program that tends to adults with significant developmental disability. He is the author of Manage Your Stress (2012), Outsmarting Anger (2013), The Fear Reflex  (2014), and Do You Really Get Me? (2015)  He is also the originator of The I-M Approach.

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Manage Your Stress

It is not always my stress that gets in the way of my success.  Usually it is someone else's stress that gets in the way of my success.  What can I do to help someone else with their stress so we can both be more successful? Dr Shrand addresses deep biological survival reasons we get stress, explores ways to relieve your own stress, but breaks new ground: helping someone else with their stress actually helps you to be more successful.  Create yourself as a benefactor and person of value.  Read now.
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The I-M Approach

Examining fear, stress, anxiety and more Read now.