Judith E. Glaser

Judith E. Glaser was a consultant, executive coach, and a best-selling business author of seven books including Conversational Intelligence:  How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results. Glaser died on November 18, 2018. Glaser was the world’s leading authority on WE-centric leadership, the neuroscience of WE and conversational intelligence. Through the application of neuroscience to business challenges, Glaser helped CEOs become high performing individuals and build teams that achieve bottom-line results. Glaser was the founder and CEO of Benchmark Communications, Inc. and the chairman of the Creating WE Institute. She also served as an adjunct professor at Wharton School of Business, visiting guest speaker at Harvard, MIT, Kellogg, Loyola, University of Chicago, NYU, IIT, University of Stellenbosch, Etisalat Academy in Dubai, Tsinghua University in China, and others.

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