Kelly-Ann Allen Ph.D.

Dr. Kelly-Ann Allen is nationally and internationally recognized as a belonging researcher and for her translation of this expertise within educational contexts. She is an endorsed Educational and Developmental Psychologist, senior lecturer at Monash University and Fellow of the College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists. Dr. Allen is also an honorary fellow of the Centre for Positive Psychology, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, the University of Melbourne. She is the inaugural director and founder of the International Belonging Research Laboratory, which represents a large group of belonging researchers from around the world. Dr. Allen’s professional standing is verified by her full membership of the Australian Psychological Society and College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists, where she is currently treasurer of the national committee. Dr. Kelly Allen’s Ph.D., which studied how school belonging could be increased in students in secondary schools, was awarded the Australian Psychological Society’s 2016 ‘Award for Excellent Ph.D. Thesis in Psychology’ and the 2016 Psychology of Relationships Interest Group’s ‘Psychology of Relationships Thesis Award’. Since completing her thesis, Dr. Allen has published several book chapters and peer-reviewed papers related to school belonging as well as three books: School Belonging in Adolescents: Theory, research, and practice (Springer), Pathways to Belonging: Contemporary research in school belonging (Brill), and Boosting School Belonging in Adolescents: Interventions for teachers and mental health professionals (Routledge).

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