Kevin Bennett Ph.D.

Kevin Bennett, Ph.D., is a social-personality psychologist and Associate Teaching Professor at The Pennsylvania State University, Beaver Campus. His research—personality science at the intersection of urban design and mental health—addresses three big questions: (1) What are the meaningful ways people differ in personality, emotion, and decision making? (2) What are the root causes of these individual differences? (3) What are the important outcomes of all this? His work has been published in leading journals in psychology, education, and urban design.

Dr. Bennett earned his Ph.D. in Psychology from City, University of London in the UK and degrees from University of Michigan (B.A., Psychology) and the University of New Mexico (M.S., Experimental Psychology). In addition to research and teaching, he is the coordinator of the psychology program at Penn State Beaver and runs the Personality and Human Performance Lab (PHPL) on campus.

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