Laura Martocci Ph.D.

Laura Martocci, a former Associate Dean and faculty member in the Department of Sociology at Wagner College, began working on issues of bullying as a National Trainer with the Ophelia Project in 2001. She has worked intensively in schools and with professional organizations in the New York area since that time. In 2007 she introduced the S.A.R.A. program (Students Against Relational Aggression), a 12-week anti-bullying initiative that partners college students with 4th grade classrooms. More recently, she has partnered with the Social BlackBelt, an NFL players alumni association sponsored social-emotional learning program,  Her acclaimed book Bullying: The Social Destruction of Self adds a social dimension to bullying, putting public humiliation and shame at its core.  A follow-up, My Bullied Past:  Why Does it Still HURT?  translates insights from this earlier book into exercises that help readers safely explore and change unproductive emotional patterns. By learning to reframe their relationship to past, humiliating cruelties, readers can reclaim power over feelings of rage, failure, disgrace and rejection that continue to lurk in their bodies, and affect their lives.  

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You Can’t Sit With Us

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