Marty Klein Ph.D.

Marty Klein has been a certified sex therapist and licensed marriage and family therapist in Palo Alto, California for 35 years. He works with men, women, and couples on issues of anger, guilt, shame, and power, as well as orgasm, erection, fantasies, desire, S/M, and pornography.

Dr. Klein is the award-winning author of seven books and over 100 articles on sexuality. He frequently appears in the popular media, including in The New York Times, National Public Radio, The New Yorker, and The Daily Show. He is outspoken about many popular and clinical ideas about sexuality, decrying psychology’s gender stereotypes, sex-negativity, and what he calls “the Oprah-ization of therapy.” He is one of America’s best-known voices opposing the dangerous concepts of “sex addiction” and "porn addiction."

Dr. Klein has received awards from the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality; the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, & Therapists; and the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists. Each year he trains thousands of physicians, psychologists, and social workers across North America, Europe, and Asia. Audiences consistently call his talks thought-provoking, challenging, and entertaining.

Dr. Klein is called upon as an expert witness in federal and state courts each year, typically in cases regarding censorship, obscenity, and sexual behavior. His book America’s War On Sex was honored as the best sexuality book of the year by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, & Therapists, and is required reading in several universities and law schools. His new book is His Porn, Her Pain: Confronting America's PornPanic With Honest Talk About Sex; it too is required reading in several universities.

Dr. Klein recently gave two Congressional briefings on evidence-based sex education.

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