Rob Kendall

Rob Kendall

Rob Kendall is a leading authority on the dynamics and practices of effective conversation and is an award-winning author of two books.

Blamestorming: Why Conversations Go Wrong and How to Fix Them (2014) reached number 1 in Amazon's 'Movers and Shakers' list in UK and won the COVR award for 'Best Self-Help Book' in USA. The follow-up Workstorming: Why Conversations at Work Go Wrong and How to Fix Them (2016) topped Amazon's Human Resource Management booklist and is a survival guide for communication and smart working in the information age. 

Rob has worked as a consultant, coach and speaker on 5 continents with over 70 organisations, including AT&T, BBC Worldwide, the FTSE Group, Virgin and the London 2012 Olympics and is a non-executive director of BAFTA and EMMY-winning visual effects and animation companies, Jellyfish Pictures. 

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