Stephen Greenspan Ph.D.

Stephen Greenspan, Ph.D., holds a doctorate in developmental psychology from the University of Rochester and did post-doctoral work at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute. He is a professor emeritus of educational psychology at the University of Connecticut and until recently had  a visiting affiliation with the University of Colorado. He currently resides in northern California, where he maintains an active forensic psychology consulting practice in criminal cases where Intellectual Disability may be a mitigating or exempting factor.

The author of three books--What is Mental Retardation? (AAIDD, with H. Switzky), Annals of Gullibility (Praeger), and Elements of Discipline (Temple U.)--he has published numerous essays on aspects of social incompetence, particularly in vulnerable sub-groups but also in the general population. Recently, he has developed a theory of “foolish action,” and his book on that topic--Anatomy of Foolishness (Hamilton/ Rowman & Littlefield)--is scheduled for publication in July 2019.  

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