Tara Well Ph.D.

Tara Well, PhD is a research scientist, motivational psychologist, and professor of psychology at Barnard College of Columbia University where she has taught Personality Psychology, Health Psychology, and Psychology of Leadership for over 20 years. Her research on motivation, perception, and cognition has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Mental Health, and published in the top psychology journals.

Her current project is Mirror Meditation: “The mirror was my favorite childhood toy, but as I grew older it became a vehicle for self-criticism and scrutiny of my appearance. In recent years, I re-discovered the mirror as a transformative tool for meditation. Based on my work as a psychology researcher and many years of meditation practice, I developed this mirror-based meditation program and taught hundreds of people to see beyond their surface appearance, release their self-criticisms, focus their attention, and develop kinder self-awareness.” 

Tara teaches Mirror Meditation at Barnard College, Columbia University, The New York Open Center, the Omega Institute and The Rubin Museum. Tara also presents Mirror Meditation workshops at private gatherings and in corporate settings. She has been quoted in The New York Times, Boston Globe, New York Observer, Bloomberg, Forbes, INC, Shape, Allure, Life & Style Magazine, and more. 

Dr. Tara Well partners with major companies in the health and beauty industry and works with national and international organizations. Recent projects include promoting positive body image in girls and women, using self-awareness to manage stress and develop emotional resilience, and the role of attention and motivation in mindful media consumption. 

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