Tina Gilbertson LPC, BC-TMH

Tina Gilbertson is a psychotherapist who specializes in supporting parents of estranged adult children, and is the founder of the Reconnection Club, the essential online resource for parents of estranged adult children.

She is the author of the Guide for Parents of Estranged Adult Children as well as The Good Breakup Guide and Constructive Wallowing: How to Beat Bad Feelings By Letting Yourself Have Them.

As an expert on relationships and communication, she's been featured in dozens of media outlets including Forbes,The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, and Fast Company.

Tina holds a master's degree in counseling psychology, is licensed as an LPC in Colorado and Oregon, and is also a Distance Credentialed Counselor offering online therapy to clients in both states. Though her office is currently in Denver, she offers training and consulting all over the world.

Author of

Constructive Wallowing

If you’re upset about something, it’s not because you’re not positive enough, or not grateful enough, or not centered enough. It’s because you’re human, and something has upset you.

Don’t judge yourself for being bothered; judge the problem that’s bothering you. Someone needs to be on your side. Why not let it be you?

And while you're at it, why not just feel what you feel?

Wallowing in your emotions is like living in your house: You’re entitled!

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