Walter Veit

Walter Veit is the author of the "Science and Philosophy" blog on Psychology Today. Due to his interdisciplinary interests, he studied philosophy, economics, biology and cognitive science in Germany, Finland and the UK and even worked in the European Parliament for a while. Starting 2020 he will pursue a PhD in Philosophy of Science with Peter Godfrey-Smith and Paul Griffiths in Australia, two world-renowned philosophers of biology, best known for their work on cognition in octopuses and the evolution of emotions respectively. He is currently pursuing an MA in Philosophy of Biology and Cognitive Science at the University of Bristol, and has previously been awarded a BA in Philosophy & Economics from the University of Bayreuth. As a visiting scholar, he has spent time at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology working on the evolution of cooperation. As a philosopher IN science, he finds himself in a variety of roles. One of these is the public understanding of science, for which this blog has been created. You can follow him on twitter under @wrwveit. 

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